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We first met Dr. Sandra Capuano in 2010. Her work with charities in Brazil is extensive and impressive. As a consequence of visiting a slum, known in Brazil as a ‘favela’, we discovered that the Brazilian people need serious help and support. Despite the booming economy of the country there is a large portion of the population trapped in an environment that is almost impossible to escape, without providing the belief, knowhow and opportunity. That is why there are many caring, good hearted and selfless people that have the compassion needed to do what is necessary to make a difference. Once you are born in a favela there is little chance of finding a way out even if you have the desire and ability. A favela is its ‘own world’. The stories and televised news every night confirm the predominance of crime, drugs, robbery, murder, abuse, poverty, and family dysfunction that emanates and operates from hundreds and hundreds of favelas.

Without doubt there is little chance of another life without external support and help.

*26% of the population of Brazil were below the poverty line in 2008

Our Company Philosophy

At Your Skin By Nature we aim to find the very best in natural and organic products. Part of our philosophy is to put back into communities that help us with the development of our business.


It is appreciated that any paid advertising in support of this health care site is also a contributor to the charities mentioned.


NB: we do not collect any funds or control in anyway funds donated to the below mentioned charities. If you have any questions or interest to help Dr. Sandra and her causes then please contact her directly in the appropriate table.

Dr. Sandra Profile

My name is Sandra S. Capuano. I’m a dentist, graduated for more than 30 years ago and committed to make a difference in this country which despite of its potential and size, unfortunately, Brazil is not able to hold and solve so many social differences and issues.

I would you like to share a little bit of my history about how an ordinary person as you and me can make a difference in other lives and the society using a good sense and intelligence.

Newly graduated, one day, I was treating a patient called Minister Stuart who asked me to help him with children from an orphanage that he used to work with. When he asked me that, I realized that I could do more than I have been doing. So, I started to make a little campaign asking to my patients if they could help me to make one more child smile. Fortunately, in the end of this movement we were able to make a wonderful Christmas for all needy children of this “Lar Batista”( Baptist Home). I’ve been collaborating to this Institution for many years following.

Over the years, I started to help more two institutions with same aims: education, instruction, religiosity and food to needy children and teenagers.

I’ve been supporting these institutions for over 20 years and I`m certain that they are serious and honest. For these reasons if you want to take part and help these communities, I recommend the following four serious institutions:

  • ACCV- “Associação Cristã Caminhos da Verdade” (Ways of Truth Christian Association). It’s a day care center which holds computer classes to needy children without any cost. The room has 10 computers whose 5 of them in bad condition.
  • CBAE- PEPE “Lar Batista” (Baptist Home). It supports children from slum being successful in education.
  • Father Tomé, “Congregação do Santíssimo Redentor” (Congregation of Holy Redeemer) who makes part of social works and support needy people for over 40 years.
Paróquia Senhor Santo Cristo
  • “Centro de Convívio e Habilitação para Excepcionais Maria José” (Social and Support Center to handicapped “Maria Jose” ). It’s an institution which supports handicapped needy children with Down syndrome.
Further Details About Each Institution
  1. 1. ACCV- “Associação Cristã Caminhos da Verdade” (Ways of Truth Christian Association). Opened on October 17th, 1969
This is a nonprofit religious association located in the center of São Paulo. The main social objectives of this institution are social works that include:
  • Monitoring of newborn – offering medical assistance, remedies and also milk;
  • Educational programs such as ballet dancing, yoga, computer classes and others;
  • A day care center which attends  65 children and offers meals and educational activities;
  • Food support for needy people.
The institution is supported by donations and people who attend classes and other activities. The entire coordination does not receive  any remuneration from the Government or anyone else.
  1. 2. ASCL- “Associação Social Comunitária do Lageado Joilson de Jesus”- Casa dos Meninos I ( Boys’ Home I)
This is a nonprofit organization located in Lageado, São Paulo. It is supported by partnership between private and public organizations and volunteers from other countries. The main objectives of this institution are :
  • Basic social protection to  kids and teenagers who live in a risk situation;
  • Access to the technology and participation in public environment;
  • Cultural exchanges and development of affective relationship and social environment;
  • Basic social protection to young people, stimulating the professional training and citizenship.
Every two months the institution keeps meetings among community, educators and family discussions about violence, drugs, domestical violence, drugs and ethics which are the problematic issues in this community. In addition to that, they promote some internal and external cultural events such as championships and celebrations.
  1. 3. CBAE- “Cruzada Brasileira de Assistência e Educação” (Brazilian Cross of Supporting and Education).  Opened 1986.
President: Katsutoshi Arakaki
Vice-president: Leandro dos Reis Padro
Director of Education: Ricardo A. Arakaki
Manager: Marlene Thomaz da Cruz
It is a nonprofit organization created by a Baptist pastor and located in Vila Libanesa, Penha – São Paulo. It is supported by volunteers and donations.  The main objectives of the institutions are:
  • Support kids, teenagers and families keeping them far from risk;
  • Offer educational and cultural activities, meals and professional training for young people;
  • Attend more numbers of needy children and families of this community;
  • Improve the projects for children and teenagers that they already have.
The institution has a positive influence in the community since they offer new activities and opportunities to kids and teenagers develop their own potentialities and abilities in a non violent environment.
  1. 4. “Centro de Convívio e Habilitação para Excepcionais Maria José” (Social and Support Center to handcapped “Maria Jose” ) Opened in 1988
President: Fernanda Spadotto Baptista
Vice-President: Marcos Augusto Pinto de Azevedo
This is a nonprofit institution located on the southern outskirts of São Paulo. The main objectives of this institution are:
  • The care of children and adolescents with mental deficiency,
  • Appreciation and participation of  the students family in the educational and informative process,
  • Respect the rights of the intellectual disabled.
The institution has an interdisciplinary staff with pedagogues, psychologists, teachers, physical educators, phonoaudiologist, and others who develop projects related to art, music and environmental education.


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