Avoid Toxic Skin Care Products

Proper nutrition is vital for the maintenance of youthful, smooth, healthy skin. Though lotions, washes, and creams can sometimes help treat certain skin ailments, most skin problems stem from an internal nutritional deficiency easily remedied by altering the diet to include specific nutrients. Before you spend a fortune on expensive skin care products, try addressing the problem from the inside out.

Also, beware of the toxic chemicals used in nearly all popular skin care products, including many of the expensive brands sold in department stores. Most products contain liver-damaging and cancer-causing petroleum derivatives that pass right through the skin and enter your bloodstream, causing DNA damage that ultimately compromises the health of your entire body. Use skin care products that are truly natural and contain absolutely no parabens, petroleum products or any ingredient you cannot pronounce.
There are many quality skin care product companies to choose from. I currently recommend Pangea Organics (www.PangeaOrganics.com) and the Lluvia line from the Amazon Herb Company (http://amazondreams.amazonherb.net), which are made from rainforest botanicals and contain no artificial or chemical ingredients whatsoever.



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